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The National Heritage Museum offers a variety of internship experiences.  An internship with NHM gives students an opportunity to work hands-on with museum professionals and gain insight into the workings of a museum. Interns are expected to work a minimum of three months and a minimum of 8 hours a week.  Hours and duration of the internship will be determined according to the department.
Internships are unpaid, but may be taken for course credit in cooperation with your institution. 
Interns need to be currently enrolled in a museum studies, history, art history or related program. Possible projects can include working with collections management, curatorial or registration staff on projects related to record-keeping, collection research, museum practice or conservation.
Education and Public Programs
Interns should have a background in history, education, or museum education. Possible projects include program planning, teaching, evaluation, and curriculum development. 
Graduate and advanced undergraduate students with experience in research in history, art history or anthropology can undertake projects related to exhibition planning, image research and exploring potential exhibition themes. 
Library and Archives
Interns need to be currently enrolled in a library graduate program.  Possible projects include working on cataloging and classification of maps, sheet music, periodical collections as well as preservation of rare books. 
To apply for an internship please send cover letter and resumé to:
Polly Kienle
Public Programs Coordinator
National Heritage Museum
33 Marrett Road
Lexington, MA 02421